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"Saskia is not only an inspiring teacher, but she is also an amazing person. Her integrity and professionalism are second to none. Each year her end of year company performances get bigger and better. We could not ask for a better role model for our kids or for ourselves. Thank you Saskia for all you do for our community. You are a legend!"

Narelle Spencer, Parent of Dancer

"As a former student of Bodies in Motion Dance School, I can confidently say that this studio genuinely changed my life. I danced at Bodies in Motion for a total of 7 years and I can guarantee I would not be where I am now if I hadn’t danced with BIM.  Dancing with Bodies in Motion allowed me to not only establish new connections with the dancers in our area but also from other districts outside of our own. With the numerous opportunities to compete in places as far as Brisbane, so many new friendships and acquaintances were able to be formed. I think making these connections and building these friendships was such a large part as to why Bodies in Motion is such a comforting place to be. Not only did Bodies in Motion allow me to extend myself in terms of friends but it also gave me hope that I can do what I love and make a career out of it. After two or so years of taking dance classes I realised that it wasn’t something that I wanted to do as just a hobby. I wanted to be able to turn the thing that I loved the most into my career and my life. And that’s what I’m attempting to do now. At the beginning of this year I made the move from FNQ to Melbourne in pursuit of this dream of becoming a professional performer. And although there’s been some bumps along the way I’m so, so grateful that I have been able to take that leap and that BIM was able open this pathway up for me. The time and effort put into helping me apply to numerous full-time dance schools was such a big part in how I got here, a full-time performing arts student at Patrick School of the Arts."

Miranda Hartley, Student

"I am a parent of a 13-year-old girl who has danced with Bodies in Motion for ten years. During this time, I have watched as this dance school has become a vital part of my daughter’s life, providing not only health and physical benefits, but social and emotional benefits far generated than anything I could have hoped for. Being part of the Bodies in Motion team has provided my daughter with a second family and support network, which has proven extremely valuable over the years. She has established a network of people who encourage and challenge her in a safe and supportive way. My daughter suffers from chronic anxiety and dancing with Bodies in Motion plays a critical role in managing her anxiety. The regular exercise, social interactions, dance discipline and support she receives at dance allows her to channel her energy and provides a safe space for her to express herself."

Jacqueline Osborne, Parent of Dancer

"From 2013, my daughter, Kate has enjoyed regular dance classes along with her small cohort of friends, each of whom has a significant disability. Saskia’s professionalism, boundless enthusiasm and talent are always evident as she choreographs dance routines which showcase the girls’ abilities, safely extend their physical capabilities, and enhance socialisation opportunities. Dancing gives the girls enormous pleasure, along with the benefit of regular exercise and the stretching and use of muscle groups not routinely used. Under Saskia’s ongoing guidance and nurturing, the girls have learnt to overcome their anxieties and fears about performing publicly in the End of Year Dance Production. They become absolutely absorbed in choosing their costumes, applying stage make-up, and diligently rehearsing their routines. Although never completely flawless, the public have always been very supportive of the girls’ performances which has led to a gradual increase in their self-confidence along with recognition across our tightknit community. Kate’s radiant smile throughout her routines is true testament to the delight this activity affords her."

Andrea Gard, Parent of Dancer

"Saskia Turner and her team at Bodies in Motion operate a professional and well-respected business with in our community. It is the only dance school in the region, which a majority of our families have partaken in lessons there at one point or another. Bodies In Motion are very well known for their productions, which cannot be considered end of year dance concerts, as they are spectacular events that bring all age groups together and draw patrons from the shire wide. I have seen previously the incredible benefits that Bodies in Motion bring to our region. With their inclusive approach no matter what age, size or shape you are, if you have the want to dance they have the want to teach and the joy all of these participants get when on that stage is incredible. Memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The social, mental and health benefits productions like those that this creates, you cannot put a price on."

Michael Kerr, Mayor of Douglas Shire

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