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Isabelle McDowall receiving the _Dance &


At Bodies in Motion, our ‘dance family’ is a supportive and encouraging network, creating opportunities for both students and parents to make lifelong friendships. We are proud to be the largest group in the Douglas Shire. The 300+ smiling students that walk through our studio doors each week are proof that dancing really does benefit the lives of so many!

we aim to provide students with:
  •  Quality teachers who have experience and qualifications in a wide range of styles and genres.

  •  A safe learning environment which fosters a healthy relationship between students, parents and teachers.

  •  A strong basis of dance technique necessary for students wishing to pursue a career in dance.

  •  An environment where all students, regardless of sex, appearance, and physical or intellectual abilities feel comfortable in their decision to choose to dance.

  •  The opportunity to learn singing, drama, and acrobatic technique to enhance performance abilities.


We strive to:

  •  Build high self-esteem, confidence, a healthy body image, self discipline and self motivation in students.

  •  Bring out the best of each individual in regards to performing arts ability, attitude and showmanship.

  •  Nurture and further develop our teachers.


We always encourage:

  •  A love and appreciation of dance and performing arts in all its many forms.

  •  Creativity through improvisation, choreography, musical interpretation, metalanguage and self-expression.

  •  Lifelong learning through challenging the student’s artistic, logical and social abilities.

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