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Ready Set Dance 

We are very proud to announce that we are now the official Ready Set Dance location for the Douglas Shire! Ready Set Dance is a new pre-school dance syllabus that has taken Australia and New Zealand by storm! Ready Set Dance also has their own TV show on Nickelodeon Jnr, where you may be familiar with characters TWIRL and FREEZE!
The class aims to develop the three ‘C’s - coordination, creativity and confidence. The exercises are all designed to help pre-schoolers achieve developmental milestones.
Ready Set Dance is a combo class that includes jazz, tap, singing, music and hip hop. This gives pre-schoolers a taste of a variety of different styles of dance in the one lesson.
The classes are also awesome for boys.  It has themes like robots, race cars, dinosaurs and pirates to engage them! They are also filled with fun props like parachutes, bean bags, shakers, microphones, rhythm sticks and magic wands.


The traditional classical style; building on strength, technique and poise. Ballet gives dancers a solid foundation of technique which leads to success in other styles of dance. It is always best if a dancer starts ballet at a young age. It helps them develop the skills they will need when they decide to take on additional classes like contemporary class or even hip-hop.


A syncopated, rhythmic dance style using both older and modern-day music. The art of tap dancing lies in the subtle nuances and complex rhythmic interchanges between the beat, the music, and the tapping sounds.


A fast moving style used with modern day music, incorporating foundations of dance technique. Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.

Hip Hop

An innovative and up-beat style of dance where students add their own style to choreography, enhancing individuality. Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art. Through its three main styles of popping, locking, and breaking, hip-hop dance has evolved into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. An interpretive dance style using musicality to express artistic themes, utilising unconventional movements from styles around the world.

Commercial Jazz

A modernised style of jazz that uses popular music. Usually associated with the commercial scene eg; film clips, corporate entertainment and professional stage shows. Commercial Jazz is a dance style which takes from many other dance disciplines (such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop) and is a combination of self expression, energy and performance.

Song & Dance

A style that encompasses the whole performance package: dancing, singing and acting. Inspired by the best musicals, straight from Broadway and West End. Currently Bodies in Motion don't offer Song & Dance on a regular basis but we are looking at finding ways in the future to ensure students can continue this option. Be it through workshops or special guest teachers.

Adult Classes

Suited to all ages and abilities … it’s never too late to learn! BIM offer 5x styles as per the descriptions above:

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

  • Tap

  • Ballet

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