Dance exams for Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Highland and Hip Hop are held each year in July / August. It is compulsory for all students from level 1 to 6 to participate in exams. Exams not only build confidence and important goal setting skills, but it also gives students a great sense of accomplishment at the completion of their specific level.  At the completion of exams, students will receive a certificate and a written report on their performance. Once students have successfully passed their exams, they then progress to the next level. If a student is not quite ready, this will be up to the discretion of the teacher. Parents will be contacted with these decisions!



Bodies in Motion Dance School teaches Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet syllabus from the Southern Federation of Dance. This syllabus aims to provide an enriching learning experience through sound, up to date teaching techniques, plus an understanding of the wider artistic and social dimensions of dance.


  • The pre-school dance programs use aspects from the IMAGINE and the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabi. This program was created to teach the fundamentals of dance to young children through play, whilst further developing coordination, musicality and fine motor skills.


  • Hip Hop & Contemporary classes are based on syllabus from the Australian Teachers of Dance. Both syllabus styles are modern and fresh, focusing on rhythm and style to create an individual dancer.


  • Our Highland classes follow the NDAA syllabus and work towards exams in August each year.


  • Each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and designed to build students skills and sustain their interest in their chosen style of dance. Naturally, they all endorse the National Guidelines for Dance Curriculum.



Bodies in Motion Dance School participate in many community events. Students perform whenever they can and are regular participants of dance workshops with some of the best teachers in Australia and internationally.



The local regional Eisteddfods are held between the months of May and July. These competitions are fantastic opportunities for students to compete against other dance students from across the region. Bodies in Motion Dance School annually enter various solo, duo and group items. Students looking to further their performance experience, push their dance technique and are willing to put in 110% effort are considered for eisteddfods.



Bodies in Motion offer junior and senior invitation-only performance classes, where routines are learnt for various shows and corporate entertainment. Only students that are motivated, hardworking and demonstrate above average dancing ability are invited to take these classes. We also have junior and senior Hip Hop Crews which compete at various competitions throughout the year. These crews will be segregated by age and ability and are also invitation only.



We are proud to hold a professional production for our students to perform in annually! This usually takes place in early December and is definitely the highlight of our dancing calendar. Each year, we create a new storyline, write a script, students audition for roles as lead characters and every class learns their own routine to perform in the show! It is highly anticipated by our dance families and the local community, having had sold out seasons for the past 4 years! If you would like your child to be involved in our EOY production, more information will be given upon enrolment. 

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